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MON to FRI : 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
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Chronic Pain (長期痛症及神奇的自癒能力)





Mr. Cheung reported to have shoulder pain and neck misalignment issue for over 15 years. He has gone through various types of treatment like Orthopedics, physio therapy, chiratpactor, applying accupuncture and taking pain killers almost every day. Medical treatment can help him to relieve the pain some of the times but the problem persists and caused him not able to doing the ordinary daily tasks.

When he knew that the Hypnosis may help him to relieve the pain, he gave a try. In the first session of the therapy, we found that he has unhappy life in his childhood when his mother left him alone all the time and affected his attitude toward the social relationship and even affect his marriage. He put all his burden on his shoulder and neck muscles, his muscles are tensed and stiffed when he has nervous, anger about his childhood life. We helped him to relieve his emotions and re-educate him to manipulate his negative thinking. His pain was relieved by 30-40% to a tolerate level after the first session and he has no longer to take the pain killers after 2 sessions. The pain has not gone but Mr. Cheung can manage this discomfort to a very low level, an acceptance level to him.

Mr. Cheung's is a typical case of Psychosomatic disorder. Our mind has incredible will power to heal ourself, don't give up.

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